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Cofounded by the three power Architects, Pragya Bharati,  Unnatt Kamboj and Utsav Kamboj collectively known as “THE UPSCALE SQUAD”, we believe in bathing the space with a harmonious marriage of quirky-minimalism with our signature style of out-of-scale elements yet balancing with the overall space. Our approach ensures that our projects make a statement while playfully co-existing with their natural urban-scape.


We infuse our design with a personalised experience for the client while consciously taking every step with our client throughout their process to build their dream home once in their lifetime and “We turn that Dream into Reality”.

about us

upscale squad

Ar. Pragya Bharati 
Ar. Unnatt Kamboj
Ar. Utsav Kamboj 

At Upscale,  we believes that architecture should not only be functional but also evoke emotions and inspire awe. The passion for innovation and precise eye for detail inspires our team to transform spaces with a touch of luxurious and artistic tapestry is what drives us to do thorough creative exploration and test ever evolving new materials combined with our technical expertise ability and drive to always try something new and different. Our approach is to have a consistent “UP-THE-SCALE” signature running through all our projects.


With thorough research combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgement our final design fully develops the potential within the concept. With our firm's fast growing portfolio of commercial projects like cafes and restaurants and high end residential interior projects, our firm’s work encompasses projects across categories with clients spread all across leading cities in India and globally. 

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