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A Haven of Peace - Gurgaon 

How often do we dream of a home that brings balance into our lives, a home that breaks us free from the monotony of work and the stress that comes with it?  This 1100 Sq.Ft home for a millennial couple based in Gurgaon has a three fold approach - a space that makes them feel calm, a space that inspires productivity and that reflects their opposite personalities as one. 

A newly wedded couple with a work from home lifestyle wanted a home that truly belongs to who they are not just as a couple, but as individuals too. A master bedroom, walking closet, two separate washrooms, separate workstations, a lounge area to have friends over were just the basic requirements. Having a busy work schedule and construction going all around the area meant that the space needed to be fairly easy to maintain. The couple has a completely opposite approach to their home; husband wanted a simple, monochrome themed space while the better half loves colours and details. “Modern Minimalism instantly hit my mind when I conceptualised the design scheme!” says Utsav Kamboj, Co-Founder, Upscale Architects.

A Tour of Haven


The Living Area : A canvas of subdued tones with off white, grey, natural jute and mint green colour couch, this living area embraces the west sunlight from noon through evening. With the idea to create a space to relax & have people over, the multi-functional coffee-table with pods solves the purpose. The toughened glass sliding windows connect the indoors and outdoors in the most picturesque manner. 


The Bedroom: The essence of this space blooms with morning sun rays. The full height glass sliding doors make the space feel connected with the green sprawl outside. The pastel powder blue bed is soothing to the eyes, hence, delivering a sense of peace and serene. 

Treading along this idea is the play of different shades of the same hue to bring out boldness as well as softness together in one space. 


The Reading Nook: Set against the deep blue walls, the 5Ft tall abstract minimal painting brings character to this space. The feminine expression in the painting brings a story to this corner. 


The Walking Closet: Connected to the master bedroom, this beautiful walking closet opens up with two curved fluted glass doors. The iconic flooring with black & white pattern tiles visually welcomes you into the room. 

With a minimal approach, the closet bestows a monochrome palette  where the wardrobes are kept in matte white PU, while bringing out sophisticated details through black half spherical handles. 


Bathroom with a view: The Master Washroom was envisioned as a clean minimal space with optimum natural light and view of the green sprawl. The minimalistic approach is carried forward in this space using a combination of white statuario tiles with turquoise fish scale that brings vibrance in the space. 


The Powder Room:  “The Black Delusion” is what we call this space. 

A separate washroom with no natural light was a challenge we loved taking on. A totally zoned out vibe was the requirement for this space and we instantly wanted to magnify the volume of the space by going for all black interiors with soft cove lights.


The Work Space: Since both our clients belong to design backgrounds, we took a completely user centric approach. The space has been transmuted into two separate work spaces for the couple. The stand alone workstation with white marble table top and grey leather is designed keeping approach towards working with mood-boards and palettes, twinning with a contrasting quirky chandelier.The husband’s workspace has a rather versatile purpose of working with a small team during daytime and online gaming in leisure time.

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